Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment

March 7, 2013
By: Sponsored
Dr. Smith's has created a product that works.  And FAST! 

Sure, there are lots of diaper rash products on the market, but Dr. Smith's stands out as a leader in the diaper rash industry.  They use only the BEST, premium ingredients possible.  Their product is odor-less, fast acting, and is gently on your baby's bottom. Dr. Smith's is Macaroni Kid Approved and our top pick for solving diaper rash!

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Check out what a local mom has to say:

What can I say about this amazing product! My daughter had a history of bad diaper rashes from the time she was six months old until about a year.  We used every over the counter diaper medication with no success.  At wits end, we contacted our pediatrician who recommended Dr. Smiths.  We had never heard of this cream and were anxious to help out little one heal.  We only use Dr. Smith’s cream about twice and her rash immediately cleared up.  We began to use is at all changes as a barrier and our little Princess did not have another diaper rash again!